Consistency -A Dirty Word?

Consistency. I hate that word too. It feels like a chore. It can take something I love and make it something I dread. Just by one little change in perspective. Do it even when you don’t feel like it. Ugh. Who does that. But the truth is. We can’t live our lives based off our... Continue Reading →

Unblock Yourself

I think so many of us suffer from creative frustration. We have held inside of us this desire to create. We have decided that we can’t pursue that passion. That need. For whatever reason. It doesn’t pay the bills. It’s not impressive enough. We feel we aren’t gifted enough to be considered an “artist.” And... Continue Reading →

What Change Feels Like

There is something about change that always brings up tangled feelings for me. The fear of letting go. The excitement of something new. The worry that I'm leaving something great, comfortable. The curiosity of what else is out there. These two emotions. Battle. No one wins. They both remain. Change happens one sneaky little choice... Continue Reading →


Most likely in my lifetime. I cannot, will not be defined. I just have never fit in to a box, with a label. Every time I thought that was going to happen I would surprised myself with a new revelation or layer of myself I didn't know I had. For a lot of my life... Continue Reading →

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